ER-Hop Kit, 508mm (20”) TBB

ER-Hop Kit

ER-Hop is the same as R-hop, except this is an Extended version (hence the “E”) And is meant for more powerful and/or long range guns.

Madbull V.II 508mm x 6.03mm TBB with ER-Hop slot cut out.

Version 2 Hop-Up chamber included with cut window for the ER-Hop Nub, which is already installed.

An ER-Hop patch will be included, however it may not function perfectly with your gun, so I’m including tubing so you can cut and make your own patch for your own gun.

Please do your search about ER-Hop before installing. It is time consuming but well worth the effort.

It’s been awhile since this has been used, so it may need a little clean up and tuning before you drop it into your gun.

For the price of just the barrel itself, you’re getting a full on ER-Hop Kit.

$40 +50% of shipping