WTS bunch of guns

Prices not including shipping trades i might be interested is g28 LE in mint condition.

  1. Echo 1 m24 w/ pdik c02 conversion, 455m 6.01 tbb, 3 mags, scope, bipod and suppressor. Might need a new hop up rubber because it won't lift heaviee than .30g $300

  2. G&p vltor p* fe v2 gen 3 w/ red poppet, red nozzle, igl line, flat hop w/ 6.03 madbull tbb, suppressor, and fore grip. $450

  3. Vfc hk 417 w/ p* jack installed by polarstar, modified prowin hop up unit with flat hop 6.03 madbull tbb, 2mid cap and 2 hi cap, short dot, suppressor, magpul hand stop and sling attachment and bipod. $450

  4. Srunion g17 w/ original box, red dot(need battery), 1 hi cap and 1 regular mag. $190

  5. Sai gry p* jack w/ flat hop 6.03 prometheus barrel and magpul grip. $old!!!

  6. Bnew TM m&p9 $old

  7. Bnew mega arms .308 $270

  8. Bnew 5.11 boots sz 10 $100

Note: all the polarstars doesn't include fcu battery.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working