Polar * avalon, polar * krytac lvoa & GEAR ,READ DESCRIPTION

2 HPA rifles with sights and lights
2 ranks , 2 regulators with lines . All new .
2 plate carriers one tan one black
Multicam chest rig
GB blow back pistol, with drop leg holster spare mag
Complete shooter management with tracer unit
Enough parts to build another krytac
45,000 bbs
Green /red gas
Full camos ( multi cam )
4 lipos
10 , 190 mid caps
Around 10 random mid caps
Tons of extra pouches for PCs.
2 face shields
Odin speed loader.
Random spare parts
Smokes , few different colors and sizes.
Foot lockers included

Close to 250 lbs as complete shipping weight .buyer is required to pick up or arrange shipping .

All works as should, no issues at all.

Selling as complete package, can proved more pictures of needed .

Status: Working