Up this time is my DSG. Im looking to switch platforms and in doing so this will be sitting collecting dust. Nothing wrong with it functionally, it works and shoots like a dream.

Base gun: VFC SR15E3 IWS
Rifle features full Knights Armamament trademarks engraved into the body, KAC marked URX2 RIS, KAC Inconel flash hider, full ambi fire controls, KAC sling plate, EPS stock and an A2 style grip,as well as KAC iron sights and rubber ladder rail covers along with a PTS RVG.

Under the hood is where things get interesting. The gearbox shell is stock VFC that has been radiused, as are the tempered steel bushings and steel bearing spring guide. A Seigetek 10.44:1 9t DSG gearset is paired with a 20tpa neo motor, Guarder SP160 spring and a BTC Mk2 Chimera. On a good 11.1v, this little package cranks out about 380fps and 50rps. An SHS FMR piston, aluminum piston head, chrome full cylinder, double oring aluminum cylinder head, sorbo pad, and oring air nozzle round out the drivetrain and compression assembly. A Lonex hop up unit is paired with a Lonex 50d bucking, Prometheus 6.03 x 300mm barrel and an IR hop with M nub. Overall airseal is excellent and the consistency between shots, range and accuracy is fantastic. The rifle is currently wired to XT-60 plugs. I will rewire the gun to whatever the buyer would like should they choose.

The package includes:
6x PTS EPM mags. The mags will feed .32s as fast as the gun will shoot 'em :)
ACOG not included

Price: $700 (shipping and PP fees included)
As always, additional info and pics available upon request.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 380
Status: Working