Daytona Gun PDW (Broken In)

So I just picked this thing up about two weeks ago and only have positive things to say about it. Its an absolute blast to shoot and aside from some scratches on the body its in great condition. Fully broken-in and shooting well, had no issues with feeding or firing.

Unfortunately my local field banned HPA guns altogether last week so I have to let this go as I can't actually skirmish with it. Managed to play three sets of games with it when they split off the games between regular and advanced players and I was incredibly pleased with it!

Sad to see it go but my loss is your gain. Asking prices below as well as pictures. Also looking to buy or partial trade for an upgraded M4 platform, feel free to shoot me offers if you have anything.

Daytona PDW: Asking $600

Daytona PDW w/ Ninja LPR + Line + Tank: Asking $700

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 340
Status: Working