Competition grade umg. Collapsible buttstock for cqb scenarios and extended barrel for precision long rage shots. The red dot sight has multiple reticles and brightnesses to accommodate any preference. The gearbox had been heavily upgraded and modified by a professional back in 2013. Had a written list of what was done but it has since been lost. Brand new battery; an 8.4 1500mAH NiMH stick with Dean's connectors. The fps is around the 325-345 if memory serves me right. Been over 2 years since last had it cronographed. Complete with 4 high cap mags. And a barrel cover which is required on every field. I can include a smart trickle charger if needed for an extra 10.

The vest was custom made and is one size fits all. Currently equipped with 5 mags pouches, one large pouch, a co2/shell pouch, a walkie pouch and two speedloader/secondary mag pouches. Inside is lined with pockets for maps, wallets, or paperwork. Has a one point sling that's integrated into the shoulders. Vest is entirely customizable and can be swapped out for any type of setup if you dont like it as is. Just send back to TheVestGuy.com and he'll make it happen.

This is a really rare and unique gun. It's modeled after the Heckler & Koch Ump45. After this line of airsoft models hit market H&K threatened to sue anyone manufacturing or distributing it. During the short period it was in retail it was redesigned twice to work out all the imperfections and come up with this truly remarkable system.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 325
Status: Working