MK 18 ssg 35+ rps on an 11.1

Mk18 ssg, with stubby stock, gate aster
Parts list
E&L steel gearbox shell, radiused on both sides to reduce vibration
Gate Aster
SHS 12:1
Shs swisscheesyboi 15 rack
E&L/Systema Silent Piston head and cylinder head
Ported cylinder
Stock Tappet plate
SHS double oring nozzle
SHS high torque motor
AOE correction
Lonex Selector plate
Retro Arms Blue (A) trigger
Retro arms Blue Selector
ZCI motor grip
(Maybe Madbull) 6.03 tightbore
Modify Ryosoku flat hop bucking (soft)
Modify Ryosoku flat nub
Rare LCT m4 body
Rare Stubby stock
Mk18 rail with 5ku flashhider and qd suppressor
Only trades would be block 3 shorty build
Can part barrel and rail setup and can trade for a 13.5 inch urx 3.1 and a 14.5 inch outer barrel with flashhider. Can lower price if local
Will include the usb link for extra
Will include a 7.4 1200 mAh for extra
Wired to Deans
Will take payment through PayPal since my PayPal account isn't a business account and im not old enough.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 310
Status: Working