VFC M4/ VFC 416 Uppers

Hey Everyone!

So at this point I haven’t played in a few years and I have quite a large collection of stuff That is just collecting dust in my closet.

All of the uppers/ gun you see in the picture are for sale as is with everything on them included

If someone wants all of them as a full lot please let me know and we can work on pricing.

(buyer pays shipping from Tampa,FL )

Uppers/ gun Prices:

VFC Hk 416 upper w/ 10” dytac “G” rail - $175 OBO

Dboys Hk 416 upper (compatible with VFC lowers) -$125 OBO

VFC Hk416 upper w/ 13.5” dytac “g” rail and accessories- $200 OBO

VFC 14.5 inch upper w/ 13 inch dytac bcm rail - $175 OBO

VFC/ Echo 1 platinum M4 with 10 inch dytac bcm rail. Minor cosmetic damage on lower receiver. Internals are upgraded, however its been so long I cannot recall what was built in there. $275 OBO

Accessories prices:
Eotech replica -SOLD
Trijicon MRO replica- $40 OBO
AAC M4-2000 replica qd suppressor and flashhider $35 OBO
SF Replica suppressor and flashhider x2- $30 OBO

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 400
Status: Working