$50 ASG M40A3 Sportline + $30 optional 3x9 Sight

What it comes with: ASG M40A3 Spring Sniper Rifle, 27rd Magazine, and manual, and a optional 3x9 sight for +$30

The ASG M40A3 features some of the great components that you'll find on the real M40A3 rifle, such as the easily adjustable cheek rest, removable stock pads to increase or decrease the length of the stock, and the ergonomic textured grip for comfortable shooting. The sportline features a lightweight plastic stock that makes this much easier to maneuver around. The magazine holds 27 rounds and is easy to use. On the bottom of the stock on the forward section is a rail for mounting bipods and other accessories you see fit. The hop-up is adjustable and is located on the left side of the rifle, which can easily be adjusted by sliding the tab. The bolt is easy to pull back but is still powerful enough, shooting very consistently in the 410-450 mark.

FPS (w/ .20g BB): 435
Status: Working