Information about Airsoft Smugglers

How it works

How it works

Airsoft Smugglers is a mobile-friendly airsoft gun marketplace where users can buy and sell airsoft guns. 
Here are the basics:

1.  Create an account, either using your Facebook account or making an account with a username and password. You will be prompted to add your PayPal information (you can’t buy or sell until you do).

2.  Post your guns and equipment. Each item is a separate post. You can include a detailed description, pictures, and even a YouTube video if you want. You will also have to specify if you are willing to ship the item or meet up locally with the buyer to deliver it.

3. Wait for other users to buy your guns. As a user, you will be able to buy from others as well. All transitions through the site utilize PayPal, so simply follow the prompts.